Current Projects

In 2015 Salus Publica received a 200,000 EUR grant from the National Centre for Research and Development to be the leader of a project entitled “Afast! Say it”. This project led to the development of non-commercial (free-access) online tools for the treatment of aphasia, with particular emphasis of making such tools available to rural and underdeveloped communities. Besides Salus, the project had two other partners, the Department of Health and Environment, Jagiellonian University and Technopark Gliwice (an incubator for advanced-technology and IT SMEs).

In 2017 Salus Publica became a member of an Erasmus+ (Vocational Education Strategic Partnership) consortium led by Turkish organisations, entitled “EuroKey: the key of successful global management: ıntercultural suffıcıency”. From the project’s opening statement: „Eurokey Project aims to improve new production, new servicing and new market that consider cultural differences at hosting countries and that directly affects many subjects, like sales and marketing. Moreover, the adaptability of directors and employees to different cultures is an important subject for the firms. To select proper individuals from foreign cultures and employ them is a challenge and affects operational efficiency. From this point of view, to improve the “Intercultural Sufficiency” of the university students in the departments of advertising, marketing, and communication, and of the employee and directors of the firms, is the other important aim of the project.” EuroKey is just starting, so we will keep you posted!